Improve Your Vocabulary Skills by Up to 54% with Words My Way

Words My Way has been created for all those of you who have problems with retaining vocabulary and using it actively when communicating. It is based on the most current research in the field of language teaching and cognitive linguistics and has gone through lots of improvements in the process of making it. But now we've put the final version to test with the users to see how good it actually is in the beginning stages of vocabulary acquisition. And let us tell you - it delivered!

We did a case study with two groups of high-school students to see how well Words My Way works when we introduce vocabulary through it at just one instance and through just the basic tasks in the workbook. Although the full research report will be out in 2020. (we'll link it here), we were just so excited about the results that we wanted to share them with you now. So let's look at what we've done and how Words My Way performed.


What we did

We had two groups of high-school students of the same age and language proficiency learn 10 new words. First, we did a pre-test to make sure the words were completely new to them and then we gave them the following tasks:

Group 1 was the experimental group that had to learn those 10 words with the help of Words My Way in a matter of 45 minutes.

Group 2 was the control group that had to learn the same 10 words in a way that they would usually learn new vocabulary, without using Words My Way. They also had 45 minutes to do that.

After the time was up, both groups were tested on these aspects of the word knowledge: pronunciation, spelling, using the word in context and creating their own sentences to show the meaning of the word.

We did this test twice - once immediately after the learning time and once after a month to check how well the students retained the vocabulary units. The students didn't know about the second test and didn't study the words further after the first test had been done. This means that the obtained results only show how well Words My Way works when it's used only once to learn new words.


How Words My Way performed

These are the main results that we got when comparing these two groups of students in how well they could use new vocabulary. A more comprehensive look at this will be published in our report.



After the first test, the experimental group (the one that used Words My Way to learn new words) was better at dealing with new words than the control group (the one that had to learn new words without Words My Way) in every single task. Their overall score was 26,22% better, but what made the biggest difference is their ability to use new words in context. The experimental group was 49,18% better at this than the control group. So that's close to 50% better at what we are all trying to achieve by using the language - connecting words with one another to create meaningful sentences. The task of using words in their own sentences showed us that the experimental group was 32,25% better at doing it than the control group.

After a month, we did the second test and the results were even better in some instances. The experimental group was once again better than the control group in the overall score, but the biggest difference was now seen in the task where the students had to create their own sentences with new words. The difference between the two groups grew to 54,54%, where the experimental group had better results. This shows us that the Words My Way workbook prepared them better for connecting the words with their pre-knowledge and using them on their own in the long run and after just one use. The goal of using Words My Way is to do it consistently, so just think about the possibilities if the results are this great just after one use.



The rest of the results will be discussed in detail in our report and we are looking forward to doing this research on a bigger scale in the future to see how the workbook performs in a longer timeframe and when used more consistently and comprehensively (with all its parts). For now, we are happy to see that the ideas that have been put into this innovative workbook, really do show great results for the beginning and basic stages of vocabulary acquisition.   

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